Brokers Co. is deeply involved in the spot and period chartering business, serving clients around the world for the different requirements: time charter, bareboat, or other clients’ specific challenges. The professional team of brokers and operations managers deploy the latest technology and partners network in order to offer last minute information to charterers and owners of the dynamics of the market.

Brokers Co. has divisions for specific sectors of the shipping business. Its tanker, dry cargo and specialities divisions have built an excellent track record, due to the high-quality service, innovating solutions, market coverage and proactive team.

Market Research & Consultancy


Brokers Co. offers a series of research and sector-oriented reports for specific clients.  They are customised to the clients’ requirements, including report and analysis from daily market inside, weekly activities and monthly trends. 

The results of every research project are presented as well in a customised manner with comprehensive reports, graphs and presentations, with respective trend analysis.

Brokers Co. leverage on its database and team expertise to assess the future trend of the market.  If you require specific in-depth market information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Sales & Purchase


Brokers Co. is recognised across the world for the high quality of its services, from newbuildings contracting to second-hand sales & purchase. The substantial expertise that Brokers Co. has accumulated and keeps up-to-date allows the company to support its clients in every step of the decision-making process.  

This competitive advantage added to its trustworthy relationships with strategic ship-builders and ship-owners have given Brokers Co. an enviable position in the Sales & Purchase sector.



 The operation team at Brokers Co. is committed and involved during the fixtures process, as well as once the process is completed, offering a top post-fixture service. The team expertise allows them to be proactive, monitoring day-to-day operations of the vessels and anticipating challenges.  They are available 24/7 and willing to serve. Clients recognise Brokers Co.’s professionalism when dealing with different claims such as freight and demurrage, adding value and being truly helpful in every step.