Brokers Co. is a privately-owned shipping services company funded by a team of distinguished professionals with outstanding careers in the brokerage business. The team has experienced global exposure throughout its career, collecting valuable knowledge from the different markets and sectors, and has successfully managed a wide number of vessels through several market cycles.  

Brokers Co. has a vision of service and commitment to its clients and business partners. In order to achieve this vision, the brokers are allocated in teams according to their expertise to assure the most suitable service to clients’ requirements.


Brokers Co. serves clients in the shipping and commodity industry, and offers financial service, covering chartering, market analysis and research, sales & purchase, operations, consulting and advisory also related to other sectors in the seaborne transportation.  

In the brokerage business, internal resources as well as key industry partners are essential to be competitive. Brokers Co. has developed and growth in both aspects, allowing the company to offer first-class services and to gain a privilege position in the market.